A Foundation of Learning

As a private university located near the Rocky Mountains, we empower students who want to make a difference. Based in south Denver and with over 300 academic programs, we serve about 12,000 graduate and undergraduate students. Our classroom academics, hands-on educational experiences and global learning adventures put students on the path toward lives and careers that will shape the world.

Collaboration Is
Our Training Ground

DU Students Build a Tiny House

国产偷拍视频A hirothedocumentary.comcation takes you out of the classroom to work with communities where you can learn through collaboration and real-world experience. Our academic programs connect you to professional and civic experiences that help you prepare for life after graduation.

We’re a student-centered research university, developing knowledge to tackle challenges worldwide. Whether you’re researching Alzheimer’s, sustainable technologies or the needs of underserved communities, you’ll have the resources and support to make your discoveries at home and abroad.

The World Is Your Inspiration

77.5% of our undergrads study abroad

1,200+国产偷拍视频 students from outside the US

145国产偷拍视频 countries are home to alumni

I love DU. It’s big enough that I could discover so many new things but small enough that I don’t feel like a face in the crowd.

Zane Sanchez Dual Degree in Accountancy, Class of '16
Zane Sanchez

国产偷拍视频I feel like the community has empowered me and given me the confidence in myself and in my peers to make huge changes that I don't think I would have thought I was capable of without DU.

Emily Wolverton BIOLOGY MAJOR, CLASS OF '17
Emily Wolverton

I got to study abroad in Ghana, which expanded my views and made me more globally minded. I realized how influential I could be around the world.

Cameron Simmons

Forging the Future Together

It’s about finding your place, and we have a niche for almost everyone. Our students find rewards in opportunities and lifelong relationships, in exploring new interests and building projects from the ground up. From joining a club and improving local communities to exploring Colorado’s natural landscape, your experiences will shape your future.

    Class Outside

    Denver Is Your Home

    110国产偷拍视频 student-run organizations

    19,000 acres of park space in Denver

    6th fastest-growing metro area

    Break New Ground