August 22, 2010: Day 7

Today: final interviews with Hiro and Cappe about the camp as well as the filming process.

This is the final day of shooting, and we got the best interviews yet. A lot of the questions we had really wondered about the internment camps, the emotions associated with it, and its affect on the Japanese-American identity came out today. As did a few tears.

This may have been the final day, but this whole experience will definitely carry on in our memories for a while. And the documentary is sure to be a wonderful reflection of everything we learned from the ILC, Heart Mountain, and most of all, Hiro.

Thanks to everyone for supporting it, and hopefully there will be more updates to come!

Also: burgers a la Buffalo Bill!

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  1. Wish I could have been there to see all the work being done.

    Thanks to the whole film crew, don’t know who you are, but truly appreciate you dedication in helping Keiko complete this endeavor. Hats off to all of you!!!

    (Crazy) Aunt Mary