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August 23, 2010: Day 8, Travel Tribulations

Our trip home was not without its kinks. Just before the expected departure time of our plane out of Cody, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado, weather insanity struck: snow, hail, and finally, a downpour of rain. All within fifteen minutes. A fifteen minute setback doesn’t seem like much — until everyone misses their connecting flight in [...]

August 22, 2010: Day 7

Today: final interviews with Hiro and Cappe about the camp as well as the filming process. This is the final day of shooting, and we got the best interviews yet. A lot of the questions we had really wondered about the internment camps, the emotions associated with it, and its affect on the Japanese-American identity [...]

August 21, 2010: Day 6

Today: old buildings, trestle, root cellar, and model airplanes. Got a personalized tour around the camp — including the Shoshone River, the hospital, and the former administration building. Filming is wrapping up and stresses are winding down — definitely a worthwhile and enlightening experience that we hope to share with everyone. Also: ribs and mushrooms!

August 20, 2010: Day 5

Today: the Interpretive Learning Center, tours, panel discussions, museum designs, internment artifacts, and former Secretary of Commerce Norman Mineta. A good day for the Japanese-American identity, the role of future generations in passing it along, and the importance of factual research — all a part of the ILC! Also: beef and snow peas at the [...]

August 19, 2010: Day 4

Today: Heart Mountain, empty barracks, ghostly wasteland, informal tours of the campsite, dirt, and bugs. Wyoming is quite the quiet place. This can be nice in some instances (ex: cow pastures), and eerie in others (ex: dilapidated hospitals for former internees). Tomorrow we’re off to get a more formalized tour of the site, and grab [...]

August 18, 2010: Day 3

Today: San Jose, CA — San Francisco, CA — Denver, CO — Cody, WY. Lots of planin’, but no complainin’. Filming of Heart Mountain within the next couple of days. Get ready, folks. Also: sandwiches and donut holes!

August 17, 2010: Day 2

Today: camp logistics, War Relocation Authority, and photo albums. Also:  Korean food for dinner! (It’s blurry because it’s artsy. Or vice versa?)

August 16, 2010: Day 1

One thing film school has taught us is how to be thrifty. Need lights? Use a Japanese lantern. No c-stand? Tape the light to the ceiling. Bad tape? Use a pair of chopsticks and wedge it in between some books on the shelf and pray that it holds up for the next thirty minutes. Aside [...]